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School Health Program

The primary mission of schools is to educate students. Schools also have a responsibility for students' health and safety while they are at school. By addressing health issues, schools can improve students' academic performance today and contribute to their increased longevity and productivity long after they leave school.
A Healthy child is mentally alert, receptive, will not miss school due to minor sickness and will have better performance in his/her studies.
School Health services will help identify any deviations from normal growth and development, any health problem so that timely, therapeutic, corrective and rehabilitative actions can be taken to improve and maintain better health.
Through our School Health Programs, we track the health of every student in a school in a timely manner by conducting 'School Health Days' which is a Health camp conducted in the School premises that can extend upto 3 days based on the number of students for screening. Various Screening procedures, Diagnostic tests, Vision/Hearing assessments, Nutritional and growth assessments, Health education classes, Paediatric specialist doctor consultations, Dental checkups etc. will be conducted and the student health records will be maintained in the school and also communicated with parents.
Target Population: School going children (5-17yrs)

    School Health Day

    A multi disciplinary Medical Team will conduct a Medical camp at the school premises. Camp can go up to 3 days depending on the number of students for screening.

    Prior to the camp, relevant data on Health and medical history of all the students will be collected from the parents.

  • Health Risk Assesment
  • General Screening
  • Dental check up and Preventive dental Programme
  • Vision , Hearing, Growth and Development screening
  • Paediatric consultation
  • Counselling and Health Education
  • Maintaining Student Health Records
  • Referral/Follow up services